Our Business Model

We are quite flexible with the business model. While being a service provider getting into a time and material contract is the most ideal mode for us service provider, we also understand why most client seek a fixed bid model. Hence we are open to a hybrid model where a certain part of the billing rate can be remain as a performance guarantee with our customer and can be billed after successful delivery of next milestone. This way we hedge our risk towards the efforts being put from our end while giving a cushion to customer that he has something to hold on to till he gets a satisfactory result from us.

Why us?
We are strictly not in "body shopping business". Enovitech is founded with a vision to develop great products. So if a development requires 2 good engineers, we will use 2 good engineers and not 10 average engineers just to inflate estimates. It's a known industry standard that when a customer is billed for x number of hours, a good percentage of it are spent by the engineers in endless meetings and useless discussions. And yes not to forget enormous number of coffee breaks in between. At Enovitech we don't do that. If we estimate X hours for certain development, then it would take a lot crazier maverick to do that job in lesser time.

We are expensive but we cost you a lot less
Yes our billing rates would seem on higher side. That is because we only employ or contract with quality engineers who prefer to take their coffee mugs to their work desk then spending hours in cafeterias. Even while having higher billing rates, there are many reasons why it would cost you much less.

  1. A quality engineer would do a task much faster than an average engineer. That too with much less rework.
  2. One quality engineer can do the task equivalent to 3-5 average engineers that are generally billed by regular service providers.
  3. Less team size means less management overheads.